Amelia is currently mapping out this fantasy fan-fiction and will be writing the draft during the April Camp NaNoWriMo. After revisions and editing are completed, look for chapters posted as a serial here!

The project:
Espen is the working title for a fan-fiction of the historical fiction novel Malcolm by George MacDonald (which has also been abridged by Michael Phillips and published under the title The Fisherman’s Lady). This was a favorite story of Amelia’s as a teenager, and she is excited about this project because it is a challenge in genre and setting change. The original work is a historical fiction set beside the Scottish coast and in London. Amy’s novel will be a work of fantasy set mostly in an arid desert landscape similar to Arizona. Since she is combining the plots of Malcolm and its sequel The Marquis of Lossie into one work, it is also a challenge in consolidating without losing the original plot line.

The story:
Espen is a vibrant and passionate young man who excels at hunting the dangerous craitzka, wild and magical creatures of the sand cliffs. He uses the little he brings in from the hunt to support himself and his blind grandfather, who raised him. Espen’s life becomes suddenly more complex when the death of a reclusive woman in the village, and the arrival of the newly inheriting lord and his daughter, begins to unravel a nest of secrets that promises to uproot everything he knows about himself and turn his life upside down.